Truth To Paper
you need poetry. Really, you do.

About Us

We are moms, artists, and business owners living the ceaseless pendulum of nurturing and expression, on a mission to connect to what matters.


Rachel Hebert

likes to pretend she’s invisible.

(Except when she’s dancing or hanging from things)

She paints most days. 

And is sometimes paid for it.

Early influences include 

the waves at night, miracles, orange shag carpet, sand castles, and the Holy Spirit. Later: art school, wanderlust and Hafiz.

Now: a desperate clawing for beauty

Kate Nicholson

Is an open book. 

It’s a mystery and a comedy.

With lots of words. And gold edges.

She holds a camera, a child, and a pen with equal grace. All at once. And smiling.

Her long bones grew on Spanish moss, mud pies, early readings of the DSM, and wide-eyed watching 

raucous Mardi Gras parades.

A rare bird.

Makes beauty. 

Brings ease.




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