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Magic Bracelets


We at Truth To Paper have made it our mission to connect to what matters - in life, in business - through poetry. When we heard from Grace about her sister's fight with cancer, we instantly knew we had to help because our people matter. Grace is our people. So, by extension, her sister Maggie is our people.

We made a card that expresses our deep connection to those people in our lives who matter and how we can show up and be here for them in times of struggle and change. Sometimes, that is all that we can do. 

We offer this card to our community here at the Hivery. Every dollar the Hivery makes by selling this card will go directly to Maggie.

We hope that you will read this poem and see in it that person (or people!) who you most want to show up for. And then we want you to tell them by giving them this card. Give it to all of them! Create a web of support for one of our sisters by telling so many others that you will show up, you will be there, you will, no matter how far away, you will recharge their magic bracelets and be here!

Rachel Hebert